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Several very smart people told me – i have to start my own blog, and share my ideas, knowledge, vision and maybe even jokes. It took long time for me to collect enough courage to start it.  Most complex for me – is to figure out what i want to post/share. After some[a lot of] thinking, couple bottles of wine and stronger spirits, i decided to go with my first blog.

I am Ukrainian and living in Ukraine all my life. It means English is not my native language, and my posts will be written on “Ukrainian English”. I am open to listen feedback about possible improvements in my grammar, but I hope main focus will be on content. So my apologies for grammar mistakes, and lets go forward.

Long long time ago, when Magento 1 was introduced to e-commerce and PHP world, i was working in Professional Services at Magento (Varien those time). We were working with big, medium and small merchants, to build their own eCommerce stores on Magento. Basically we were doing the same job as Magento Partners and System Integrations are doing now – do customizations and extensions for clients on Magento. It was fun time, and it helped me to be closer to Merchants/Clients, it helped me to understand their needs, pain points and challenges.

Later moved from services and i start work in Magento product development. Originally it was Magento PaaS, where we were working on RnD to develop Magento Go v2 PaaS, then i was leading Magento Connect, then was releasing several Magento CE/EE versions, and for last 2 years i am leading Magento 2 development.

Starting 2008 Magento is taking majority of my professional life. So, i think it is good start for blog – to share Magento knowledge.

Let’s say “Hello worlds”.

Disclaimer: The opinions in the blog and all posts are mine and not necessarily those of my employer.


One thought on “<?php echo "Hello world!";

  1. Welcome on board!

    Originally I am also from Ukraine, from Kharkiv. Nowadays I am in Munich.
    I would be glad to show you the city, if you come here.

    I also want to start writing some useful blogposts. You are inspiring me to do so!
    Great job! Keep it moving!


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