2.1.0-RC1, SemVer and Major version bump

We are very excited to publish Release Candidate for Magento 2.1.0 – our new major release, and hear your feedback before 2.1.0 GA released (it will be soon). Even though we are bumping “minor” digit in product version, it still major release. Let’s keep marketing product version aside, and focus on modules. With the new CE 2.1.0-RC1 release you […]

Building Magento 2 Extension – CustomerGrid

When you are building new M2 extension, you most likely going to add additional field for some existing Magento entity. In this post I want to show simple example for adding new EAV attribute to Customer entity and displaying it in Customer grid. If you want to see code only, without reading my typos and Ukrainian English […]

Building Magento 2 Extension – ExtendedConfig

As I promised, it is continuation for ExtendedConfig module. I will show how to add module configuration settings into Stores->Configuration page, with minimal amount of “coding” 🙂 Understanding Store Configuration First step for every customization is to investigate functionality, which is going to be customized. Check how it works natively. So let’s open Stores->Configuration page and investigate it. On left side of the […]

Building Magento 2 Extension – let’s begin… (Updated)

There are a tons of blogs and materials around Magento 2, including development experiments, and overall sharing of knowledge. Good reference is Alan’s blog – http://alankent.wordpress.com, where he posts actual and interesting ideas, facts, news about Magento 2. So, I want to join the group of Magento evangelists, and share my own experience of building extension for Magento 2. Sounds […]